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On 04 June 2004, Captain Chrys. D. Papapateras, President of T.E.O., wrote:

"Firstly, my most sincere thanks and congratulations to the webmaster, Dr. Nikolas P. Lemos (Maniatis) who created this page and gave us all the chance to communicate and exchange ideas on our beloved island. The future definitely belongs to the younger Oinoussian generation and this link between our little island, Athens and Greece in general, London and the USA wherever Oinoussians rside and work or study, was a very wise move and we at T.E.O. are grateful to this Member of our Executive Committee for having thought and created this page."

"Many thanks to Mr. Makris and Mr. D. Taousanis for the entry of 05/20/2004 regarding progress of our football team "PANOINOUSSIOS" the results of which we proudly know and have assited the team both financially and morally in the past."

"Many thanks also to Ms. Calliopi (carolyn) Varlamos (nee Maliaroudaki) for her entry of 02/25/2004 and for her interest in our island. May I suggest that sthrough S.F.O. in Athens and its President, Captain Dimitris Lygnos, anybody who wishes to do so may obtain the 4 books of Mr. George Speis published in 2003 with the cost covered solely by T.E.O. under the joint efforts of T.E.O. and S.F.O. which are named as follows: Mnimes & PAradoseis to Nisiou mas (2 volumes) and Ta Aignoussiotika Sogia (2 volumes). The are sold at the nominal fee of Euro %0 (total) plus postage and handling. One can learn a lot from these books on the history of our islands and can even trace his/her ancenstors back to 1750."

"Finally, may I thank Mr. G. Fawden for his contribution of 04/20/2004 but I remain slightly confused with his remarks 'it is a shame that London Oinoussians have not contributed enough especially the Benevolent Fund who could do with some positive exposure if they are to remain an active organization.' Personally, as the current President of the Fund, I would welcome Mr. Fawden's ideas and sugegstions of what more exposure he is willing to see from the Fund and what concrete contributions he expects to see from London Oinoussians. I will then answer any queries he has to the best of my ability."

                                   Regards to all of you,

                                   Captain Chrys. D. Papapateras, T.E.O. President